Our technology

Ultrasound has revolutionized applications in liquids and tissues. Doctors are using sound waves to determine a baby’s gender after only 12 weeks. Fishing boats are using sonars to see underwater. Why do we still not have similar applications in air? Sonair AS develops sonars for in-air applications.

3D localization with sound in air

Ultrasound waves are generated by transducers using piezoelectric crystals to convert electrical energy to sound. Single transducers can give accurate distance measurements by using the Time-of-Flight principle. Transducers used in combination can give 3D information by using beamforming. Sophisticated techniques are developed over decades to interpret and visualize such data. For in-air applications, we are familiar with the single transducer distance measurements from car parking sensors. Imagine what we can do with 3D localization with sound in air.

Off the shelf transducers are not suitable for Sonair’s purpose. We are scaling down and improving the transducer using MEMS technology. Sonair has exclusive access to PMUTs (Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers) from SINTEF in Norway (piezomems.com), and together we are developing customized designs and process improvements.